Project Zone is a research of the locality where stayed old factory Gumon Bratislava. It explore consecutive transformation from demolition in 2008 to the actually situation of this zone.
Method that I am working in this project is passive or introvert observation of locality. There are several levels of terrain exploration and pseudo scientific research.

Bird issues

The project "Bird issues" respond to the relationship of two nations symbolised by two big birds - the Hungarian turul and the Slovak orlica (she eagle). Both are very strong symbols abused especially by the national partys in our countries.I tried to subtilize this issue. Installation of bird boxes with wall paper of High Tatras, export in public spaces of Budapest, is my reaction on the hungarian-slovak relations that were always strange for me.
The boxes are meant to be places for all the small birds, the common people, who don't care about the big birds in politics.


2011, site specific installation, public spaces of Košice

Exhibition of art in the public space is a reaction to the revolution of 1989 and its unfulfilled ideals. Artists ask themselves the essential questions – how did our society improved since then and whether the changes weren\'t more of a disappointment. The state of today\'s society is more likely apathetic. Is contemporary art able to talk to the public and wake it up from its sleep?

"Monstera and philodendron are inseparably connected with the aesthetics of the communist regime. Large flower - pots of these plants were a symbol of official spaces – for example offices, museums and the stations, too. They masked the unhospitable atmosphere or the replace their unkemptness. They created barriers in public space, which was controlled and non-free.”
The original concept of this project crowd down on the "censorship" of lady from the administration building of the railway station. She precisely defined space for this installation. A queue of pots indicates the permitted borderline of installation.

Abandoned re - creation 2011

2011, workshop
Trenčianske Teplice, a little spa town, has been a sleepy hollow for many years. Bored melancholy of half-empty spa buildings is traditionally with the same frequency for a week replaced by a film festival. During these few days the town returnes back to days of its ancient glory of a former centre of recretion of social and political elite. The strong nostalgic spirit of the place served as a point of departure for the workshop Abandoned Recreation organised by an artist Andrea Kalinová. During „ArtFilm“ week, together with another nine artists, they created site-specific interventions which destroyed a well-run apathy of Trenčianske Teplice. Abandoned sanitaria and recreation places gradually deteriorating in front of the sight of the local residents and visitors were animated by means of inconspicuous almost ephemeral interventions by participants of the workshop. Their play with the urban space, its history and symbols or manipulation of the viewer were
interconnected by one idea – to activate and elicit the interest in seemingly useless and forgotten locations of Trenčianske Teplice. Works unique in terms of time and place exceed the bordes of a spa town and emotionally resemble abandoned recreation places of every town in Slovakia.

Peter Szalay

Water for the frog

2011, performance

The project responses to a conflict between the owners of swimming pool “Zelená žaba” (Green frog) and spa Trenčianske Teplice, who are fighting for the thermal water. The owners argue that without the water they will not start with the reconstruction of the swimming pool. The spa is claiming that there is not enough of healing water.


2011, site specific instalation

The former Hotel Lipa changes during the night into a black hole in otherwise illuminated part of the park. The installation “Illumination” leaves it to ascend from the darkness.

“Closed for bad weather”

2011, installation, print on paper

The swimming pool “Zelená žaba” (Green frog - architect Bohuslav Fuchs 1936) is abandoned since 2001. On this information board is added new announcement almost every year, what form a kind of diversified collage. The addition of the table: “Closed for bad weather” had to confuse visitors and recall the original announcement of the time when the pool was closed.

‘Skiing Dream’

slide projection
video „When you are cold, hoof it! – 17``
prints – variable dimensions

The project ‘Skiing Dream’ focuses on the local and personal archeology, own fascination by abandoned, unused and forgotten places and objects. It draws its attention to functionless ski resorts in the Little Carpathians, to the absurdity of their existence and location as well as the process of their gradual disappearance, deterioration and the way how their ruins influence the surroundings.
The subjective line reflects the personal experience from my childhood when I was an active skier preparing for a professional career and experiencing the methods of practicing influenced by hard drill, abuse of dressage and punishment. I incorporate various strategies as a current phenomenon of geocaching trying to initiate a collective „archeological survey“ of these places. The project consists of a slide projection capturing a current state of the place, a video documenting a video performance and prints of maps of ski resorts taken from old atlases with deleted geographical names of the places which try to evoke children`s drawings of maps and treasure hunt games.
The title ‘Skiing Dream’ refers to the name of a ski resort in Sväty Jur taken from the eponymous ski resort in the High Tatras created
for the World Championship in 1970. It simultaneously refers to my childhood skiing ambitions.


2011, 18 color photographs

Green is a series of photographs documenting the specific locations of the largest housing projects in Central Europe, Petržalka. According to the original concept, his district, now often seen as a symbol of interventions into Bratislava´s urban structure by the communist regime; was meant to be a modern urban neighborhood based on modernist principles with lots of green areas and parks. As either the original urban concept has not been completely developed and finished, the planned green areas seem to be created spontaneously and randomly. Project Green is focusing on these green areas and recreational zones, on their specific character and the "archeology" of this locality. The inspiration for my project was the black construction of 5 holes golf course, which was built by private high school directly between a block of flats. They were not able to finish the building and so complement the concept of urban archeology. Many grassed over material pits, or heaps that were left on their original locations, extinct sandpits from playgrounds, sidewalks indicating ornamental compositions are reminding the component units of absent holes of this original suburb golf course. Thus a contradictory combination arises - suburban housing estates representing lower housing standards and society hand in hand with golf as an attribute of luxury and high social status. The eighteen photographs of Petržalka also represent 18 
holes of a golf course.