‘Skiing Dream’

slide projection
video „When you are cold, hoof it! – 17``
prints – variable dimensions

The project ‘Skiing Dream’ focuses on the local and personal archeology, own fascination by abandoned, unused and forgotten places and objects. It draws its attention to functionless ski resorts in the Little Carpathians, to the absurdity of their existence and location as well as the process of their gradual disappearance, deterioration and the way how their ruins influence the surroundings.
The subjective line reflects the personal experience from my childhood when I was an active skier preparing for a professional career and experiencing the methods of practicing influenced by hard drill, abuse of dressage and punishment. I incorporate various strategies as a current phenomenon of geocaching trying to initiate a collective „archeological survey“ of these places. The project consists of a slide projection capturing a current state of the place, a video documenting a video performance and prints of maps of ski resorts taken from old atlases with deleted geographical names of the places which try to evoke children`s drawings of maps and treasure hunt games.
The title ‘Skiing Dream’ refers to the name of a ski resort in Sväty Jur taken from the eponymous ski resort in the High Tatras created
for the World Championship in 1970. It simultaneously refers to my childhood skiing ambitions.